Must-read book: Real-time marketing & PR

May 27, 2012

I first spoke with David Meerman Scott back in 2006, when he was writing his book “The new rules of marketing & PR” (now in its third edition and definitely also worth a read). Cervelo ended up in the book and he recently wrote about our new mountain bike company open.

What’s more, David is a prime example of a smallbigbrand – a one-man show that operates worldwide by taking full advantage of modern business tools.

But back to the book; quite simply if you have a small company on a small budget, you need to think about clever ways to spread the word. Instead of one-way intrusive communication (i.e. advertising), 2-way conversations via social media are much more effective. What’s more, the smallbigbrand is at an advantage over the bigbigbrands in this regard – no red tape, no legal department, no customer service people who barely understand the product or service. As a smallbigbrand, you live and breathe what you have on offer, and when you engage in a conversation with potential customers, it will show.

Also, while bigbigbrands often retrench when customers want to speak with them (and incur the wrath of the consumer), you can be out there and pleasantly surprise them (wow, a company that responds, what a concept!).

The book does a great job of showing the problems and opportunities modern businesses encounter in marketing & PR; while it may be written a bit as a wake-up call to the bigbigbrands, you can also read it as a guide book on how you can beat them. I know nobody has time to read, but nonetheless you cannot afford not to read some. Make this one part of some and as a consolation; it’s a quick read. I would also wholeheartedly recommend¬†his webinknow blog, it’s more than a straight marketing blog and its original points of view often give me ideas on how to solve my own business issues.

What do YOU think?

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